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    7 Easy ways to volunteer virtually and safe during COVID

    Voluntariado online para la pandemica del covid

    Mask, sanitizer and lockdowns became our normal in 2020, and even that the situation with COVID seems to be improving in 2021, we still have a long way to go. With that in mind, many people and initiatives are still facing unique needs and challenges. Some of us want to help but also wondering how to volunteer while still maintaining social distancing. No matter your location, time or situation there are a lot of opportunities to volunteer during the pandemic and remain safe and distant. In this post, I come up with 7 ways to volunteer virtually and safely during…

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    5 Podcast for long travels

    Traveling and visiting new places is excited but moving from one place to another can be long, tiring and not so wonderful. It would be times where you spend several hours on an airplane, a whole 26 hours on a…

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    From Uyuni to Chile

    There are some trips that are epic and you remember with a huge smile. Going from Uyuni in Bolivia to the Chile border was a trip I will keep in my best memories. If you have time and at least 4 days…

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    Why you need a break as a volunteer?

    From helping one day a week to spending two years abroad, volunteering has been part of my life for many years now. I love the causes that I support and I feel doing it. But from time to time, I…

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    What to do for 24h in Brighton?

    Brighton is probably one of my favorite cities in England, it’s just something in this beach city that attracts people and let them fall in love. Brighton has everything that a city can ask and still preserves a town vibe.…

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    10 unique towns you must visit in England

    England is one of my favorite places to discover. I love it when I lived there, when I explored it by the interrail, when I visited like a tourist… it’s something that attracts me to this land of kings and…