24 hours in Brighton, what to visit?

Brighton is probably one of my favorite cities in England, it’s just something in this beach city that attracts people and lets them fall in love. Is it 24 hours enough to visit Brighton? No, but you can have a good taste of it and think about staying longer.  

Brighton has everything that a city can ask and still preserves a small-town vibe.

Let me tell you something about me and Brighton. It was the first city where I live by myself, I just turned 18 and I was ready to learn English and take the risk. I was used to traveling through Europe but this was the first time that I was staying for the whole summer in a city where I didn’t know anyone.

The first weeks were hard and a challenge, my English wasn’t so good at the time, a chain of bad events happened and my tiny small bedroom suck, but through the weeks I started to feel better and the bad events become good ones, and then I just fell in love with Brighton.

If you are in London take a day and visit this city, it’s only one hour by train.

If you are planning an England trip put Brighton immediately on your bucket list. If you are living around go and visit it. In conclusion, just visit Brighton!

What is a perfect day in Brighton? Let me break you down what will be my ideal 24 hours in Brighton.

9:00 am / Colorful Brighton train station

Let’s said that you arrive in town by train, don’t go out to the streets yet!.

Take the time to enjoy this cute train station full of vibrating colors.

9:30 am / St. Peter's Church

Brighton has a lot of churches and chapels, just walking around you will encounter different styles and shapes.

The main one is St. Peter’s church, a pre-Victorian Gothic Revival style built-in 1828.

10:00 am / Kensington street graffiti's

The street art in the city is pretty cool, with huge murals covering full buildings.

Its walls placed some iconic graffities like James Brown or the famous Run DMC Mural which features Jam Master Jay playing chess.

Take a walk on Kensington Street where you will find some dope street art and keep walking around to discover the best ones.

10:30 / Walk-in North Laines

If you still want to walk a little bit more, or you already are in North Laines, enjoy this picturesque street.

This is the perfect place to make some shopping, have a coffee and understand the cool vibe that surrounds Brighton.

Every shop and restaurant is really unique, so don’t miss anything! 


11:30 am / Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is one of the most iconic places in Brighton, so it’s a must!

The palace was built for Prince George, the Prince Regent (future King George IV), after being advised by his doctor to take more sea air for his gout.

The rooms inside have a lot of Indian, Islamic and Chinese inspiration and details.

Even if you don’t want to visit the interior, you can enjoy the outside and the gardens for free, and that deserves a visit for sure!

During the night the place becomes magical, so if you are still there, walk around once the moon is up.

12:30 / Fish & Chips

I don’t think I need to explain what you have to do for lunch.

You are in a seaside resort on the south coast of England, you have to eat some fish and chips with views of the sea.

No more explanation is needed.

14:00 pm / Beach walk

You just need some refreshment after walking all morning. Cool down on the beach, take a bath and enjoy the breeze.

Brighton also has a nudism beach, the UK’s first Naturist beach opened in 1980 it is officially known as Cliff Bathing Beach.

If you still have energy take a walk through the beach and let the water massage your feet.

Check all the colorful little storage houses and take the time to explore the beach.

14:30 pm / Brighton West Pier

While walking on the beach you will find the West Pier, the ruins of an old pier.

Built in 1866, the pier suffer several devastating storms and two fires. It is now close and you can only see their remainders, but it has something unique that deserves some minutes of your time.


15:30 pm / Time for a snack

Now it is time to recover and have a reward, and what better than ice cream?

They have a flavor for everyone and you deserve it, guilt-free!

If you are feeling brave enough try one of the ice creams on a hot waffle or in a waffle cone. Just thinking about it makes me happy!

17:00 pm / Brighton Pier

It is time for more fun! The long pier 524 m (1,719 ft.) it’s a paradise where you will find everything.

Its full name is Brighton Marine Palace and Pier, it cannot disappoint!

Games, a carousel, seagulls, coasters, doughnuts, gifts… and it is also one of the best spots to enjoy an amazing sunset.

18:00 pm / Dinner

Did you know that are more eateries in Brighton and Hove than anywhere else in the country?

The city has a ratio of 1 restaurant to every 250 people. I’m pretty sure you will be able to find a restaurant that suits you.

Brighton is really friendly with vegetarian and vegan people, the variety of foods are huge.

Find a place close to the pear or the beach, and enjoy the rest of your night filling your stomach with great food and planning when you are coming back to Brighton because you will want to! 

Have you visited Brighton? What is your favorite place? What else would you include for a 24hour visit? Leave a comment


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