Copacabana: 20 photos to inspire you

If I say Copacabana, you probably think about Brazil, and if I mention Lake Titicaca you most likely think about Peru. But the Lake Titicaca has its other half in a small-town call Copacabana in Bolivia, and you shouldn’t skip that trip.

Copacabana is small but charming and the main attraction is the Titicaca lake, the highest navigable lake in the world at 3841m (12,507 ft).

Downtown the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Copacabana stands above every other building. It was built on XVI, on its reconstruction they include Muslim architecture inspiration with tile, arches and white paint.

Copacabana has two-point views since it was built between two mounts.

The first one is Cerro Calvario, a 35 minutes’ walk following the way of the cross.

The second point is on top of the Sacred Observatory Pachataka or Horca del Inca mountain. The hike is 45 minutes and it still preserves the original stones to measure time by the Incas.

Whatever hike you choose, the panoramic view of the town and the lake is amazing on both. Schedule the hike to check sunset on top and it will make the perfect evening.

The main attraction of Copacabana is Sun island and Moon island located in this side of Titicaca.

Sun Island is two hours by boat from the town coast and it also has unique Inca ruins.

Is the highest island in the world at 3925m and on the island local people go up and down stairs like nothing, it is wonderful to watch! 

If for some reason you are still doubtful about including Copacabana on your trip, here are 20 pictures to inspire you to visit this Bolivian town. 
Visit Copacabana in Bolivia | Travel blog

Isla del sol Copacabana in Bolivia

Lake Titicaca from a pier in Copacabana, Bolivia

Sunset in Copacabana in Bolivia
A street seller in Copacabana town in Bolivia | Travel blog

Copacabana can seem like a little town, but their few highlights are everything and more.

For moments you can even forget that you are watching a lake and think you are in a coastal ocean town.

Have you been to Copacabana? What was your favorite part? I would love to know, leave a comment. 


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Travel to Copacabana in Bolivia in Lake Titicaca

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