3 Free Things to Do In Houston

When you’ve only got two days to explore one of the biggest cities in the United States, you have to make hard decisions. I landed in Houston for a job trip, so I spent the first day driving from one place to another, checking things for my to-do list and enjoying being in a car with an air conditioner.

However, I managed to finally have some free hours before my flight that night.

And instead of going to the Space Center or spending my day at the zoo, I decided to discover some free places to enjoy the city in the short time that I had.

Here are 3 awesome free things to do in Houston in one day. 

1. Kingspoint Graffiti

I’m a fan of street art, in every city that I visit I always check the graffiti.

When I heard about this graffiti mecca in Houston – located near the Kingspoint Mall – with some of the biggest and baddest murals in the city, I couldn’t resist myself.

The graffiti were huge, some of them were in alleys, others next to the road.

I walked and enjoyed every single tag on the wall, the empty sprays on the floor and the cool vibe of the place. I’m sure I missed a lot of them because you can walk through several streets and passages and discover new ones.

I was so happy to find that mecca in Houston!

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2. Downtown Houston

I read about JP Morgan Chase Tower, where you can go to the 60th floor to take in Downtown from the Sky Lobby’s observation deck. But it is only open during the week and it was Sunday. 

I always see the bright sight of things. I discovered that downtown Houston is a cool place.

While driving my first day through this huge city, I crossed a lot of beautiful neighborhoods, malls, houses and farms.

Downtown is a completely different stage, it is full of skyscrapers and a historic vibe.

Get lost on the streets, look up all the time and enjoy the old buildings including theaters, the city hall and some hidden churches.

Downtown is also the place for the Houston Astros’ house, the Minute Maid Park.

The local Major League baseball team has its stadium just in the town center.

Just in front of the ticket sale, look on the floor for the small walk of fame and try to sit down in one of the big baseballs sits. I wished I could see the ballpark from inside.

3. Kemah Boardwalk

Located just 20 miles from downtown Houston, the Kemah Boardwalk is the perfect gateway.

Its waterfront location it’s just great for breathing a little bit of ocean too.

I was really excited about getting on the Boardwalk Bullet Coaster. I love adrenaline and it was really cool to feel the speed, the twists and turns.

The wooden rollercoaster was the perfect ending for my short trip to Houston.

This is just a really tiny list of free things you can do in Houston in less than 24h. But these were a great way of checking a little part of the different sides of the city. 

I can’t wait to come back to Houston and have more time to discover more. 

Do you have more free things to do in Houston? Any other tips for this city? Leave a comment.


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