10 unique towns you must visit in England

England is one of my favorite places to discover.

I love it when I lived there, when I explored it by the interrail, when I visited like a tourist… it’s something that attracts me to this land of kings and afternoon tea.

London, Liverpool and Manchester are great cities with a lot of amazing places, but England also has unique little towns with lots of history and tonnes of charm.

Visiting the country by train is one of the best and cheaper options, and it gives the chance to stop in exceptional villages. 

In this post, I tell you my 10 favorite unique and more picturesque towns in England that you must visit at least once. 

1. Canterbury

Canterbury is located in the southeast of London and it is the perfect place to get lost.

Growing up I remember reading parts of The Canterbury Tales several times, so this city always brings me to my childhood memories somehow.

Its cathedral, part of a World Heritage Site, is one of the country’s oldest and Archbishop Thomas Beckett was murdered here.

Make sure you discover its cobblestone streets, walk beside the River Stour and visit its historic buildings.

2. Lincoln

Lincoln, within the East Midlands of England, places a stunning gothic cathedral.

If this was not enough, it is also the city with an 11th-century castle which is the only one of two such castles in the country because of its two mottes.

3. York

York lies in the Vale of York in the northeast of England, only a two-hour train ride from London. York breathes history in every corner.

York Minster is the second-largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.

If you are trying to find a nice spot to have brunch, maybe you want to go downtown York and be surrounded by the city’s medieval walls.

But if you are looking for a coffee or tea, search near the river where you will have a perfect view of the city.

Once in York, don’t forget to visit the medieval Clifford’s Tower, the fortified complex of York Castle.

4. Oxford

Who doesn’t know about Oxford? The city with the oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of the most touristic locations.

But Oxford is more than that, it is an impressive place that has been inspiring a lot of writers during the years like Tolkien or C.S Lewis.

Oxford is made for walking and admiring every street, its several museums and galleries are the result of the university since the majority belong to departments.

If you have time take a visit to the Ashmolean Museum, the oldest museum in the UK.


5. Reading

Reading is situated in the South East of the country.

The town sits across the union of the Thames and Kennet rivers, and it was an important center in the medieval period.

Arriving at Reading is not a hard task since is one of the main railway intersections in the UK.

6. St. Albans

St. Albans is a historic market town, just 20 minutes far away from London. The town was once a Roman city before building its medieval history, so take your time to visit this fabulous place.

St. Albans has beautiful parks to relax and to spend a great time, especially if you catch a sunny day.

But its most impressive spot is its cathedral, which you can see from different points of the town.

Britain’s first Christian Saint is buried here and the Cathedral has the longest Nave in England, 85 meters. You get the idea, every corner has a cool story!

7. Warwick

Warwick is famous for its medieval castle of more than 1100 years of history, an impressive monument perfect to take thousands of pictures and digging in some mystery and myths.

The town has many other attractions to be a charm about, beautiful parks where have a nice lunch, museums and a canal.

Warwick is not the kind of town that you visit in a day, stay some days and discover this place that has been the inspiration for tv and movies.

Town you must visit in England | Travel Blog| olgatribe.com #england

Town you must visit in England | Travel Blog| olgatribe.com #england

Town you must visit in England | Travel Blog| olgatribe.com #england

8. Dover

If by any chance, you are taking the ferry in Calais (France) to England, the first English town to welcome you will be Dover. Located in South East England, its strategic position gave this town a lot of history and movement, don’t miss it!

Dover Castle is a good point to fall in love with the place, it is the largest castle in England and from here you will have a great view of the town.

Although the beaches of Dover are not a paradise, their white cliffs are the perfect spot for walking and check the coastline and the Strait of Dover and France.

If your day allows you, don’t forget to visit its lighthouses!

9. Lewes

Situated in the southeast of England, Lewes gives you everything in small doses.

Its castle was built at the highest point of the town more than 900 years ago.

Lewes also has a lot of green parks, gardens and farms, even medieval ruins which well worth a visit, they are free by the way!

The pieces of history that you can find around town are really cool.

10. Rottingdean

Rottingdean is a small town close to Brighton, on the south coast of England. Don’t be fooled by its size, the place is stunning and picturesque.  

Rottingdean’s biggest attraction is its black wooden windmill, surrounded by a natural reserve and with perfect views of the ocean, it’s just a magical spot!

Have you visited any of these towns? What is your favorite one? Do you have more recommendations? Leave a comment


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Town you must visit in England | Travel Blog| olgatribe.com #england

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