Why you should visit Valizas, in Uruguay?

It’s been some years since I visited Valizas, in Uruguay, but I still remember how stunning and beautiful it was.

This bohemian town is a sand dune paradise and the perfect spot for relaxing.

The local fishermen have learned how to coexist with the hippies who found in Valiza a paradise. When the sun sets you will hear the waves on the beach, the owls and the hippie parties.

The hippies are the only ones who will sell you some beer, join them and enjoy the cool vibe of this simplistic village.

There is not a lot to do in Valizas besides spending the day on the beach, checking all the local handicrafts and enjoying the amazing nature.

Travel to Valizas Uruguay | Travel Blog

Walk the dunes

If you feel like an adventure, prepare yourself for an eight kilometers walk to Cabo Polonio.

Take the lighthouse as a reference and start the journey through the sand dunes.

You will need to cross a canal, depending on the season you will be able to cross it by walk, but it will be months that taking a boat is a requirement.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and water, climbing the dunes can be thirsty but the village panoramic from the top is priceless.

Travel to Valizas Uruguay | Travel Blog

Mendoza mountains in the north of Argentina

A beautiful protected area

Valizas reminds me of a magical and mysterious town, full of legends.

The area is well protected, and sandboarding is not allowed, be aware of the fauna and landscape beauty.

Valizas will steal your heart!

Travel to Valizas Uruguay | Travel Blog

Travel to Valizas Uruguay | Travel Blog

How to get to Valizas

You can catch several buses from the bus Terminal ¨Tres Cruces¨ in Montevideo.

The 5 hours journey is easy and simple.

The bus will drop you on the road, walk around 15 minutes to reach the beautiful village of Rocha.

 Travel to Valizas Uruguay | Travel Blog

Travel to Valizas Uruguay | Travel Blog

Travel to Valizas Uruguay | Travel Blog

Have you visited Valizas? Do you have any more advice about visiting this village? I would love to hear your impressions of this Uruguayan town, so leave a comment!


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