5 Fun water activities to enjoy Miami

Sun, beach and flavor, Miami offers 55 kilometers (35 miles) of clear water beaches.

I love going to Miami, especially because going means I visit one of my best friends, so it is always a boost of energy and a lot of catch-up sessions.

Miami never stops surprising me, every time I go a new activity shows me a different part of this region and I fell in love a little bit more.

In this post, I list my 5 favorite activities to do in the water and discover Miami with salt in your hair. From Miami Beach to its everglades, the city has a lot of unknown things you can do in their waters and admire its special location.

1. Miami beach

Talking about Miami is talking about Miami beach, which should be on top of your list when visiting the city.

Going to the beach in Miami is easily accessible by foot or car.

Miami Beach looks familiar, you probably saw this beach on TV at some point in your life. But the lifeguard houses look way better than watching them on screen.

After a bath and tanning in South Beach, you can also walk through Ocean Drive, the art deco district, where architecture shows the colorful buildings.

Enjoy the white sand and clear water in Miami Beach or South Beach. Even if you don’t want to lay on the sand, a walk around is still worth it.

However, the Miami region has an extensive network of beautiful beaches if you are willing to venturing further afield. From Virginia Key Beach Park, Crandon Park to Haulover Beach.

Visit Miami Beach | Travel blog

Travel to Miami beach | Travel blog

Visit Miami Beach | Travel blog

2. Everglades National Park

Really close from Miami, the park offers a lot of activities for you to visit these swamplands.

The everglades are a landmark and they are actually really cool.

I was shocked that the alligators were on the same road you walked and more surprised that I was alive after the visit.

The alligators seem unbothered by the presence of the visitors, they sunbathe on the road edges like no one is watching, it’s quite the experience.

You can explore the deep everglades with an airboat tour.

My choice was renting a bicycle to reach a cool viewpoint. The park has five biking trails, I did the Shark Valley one that is about 20 kilometers (15 miles) the round trip.

The halfway point is the Shark Valley Observation Tower, an epic view of the park.

Alligator on the Evergaldes National Park | Travel blog

Shark Point in Everglades Park in Miami | Travel Blog


3. Kayaking in Oleta river

Did you know that is possible to rent a kayak and check the skyline of Miami from a desert island?

Oleta River State Park offers kayaks and the essential hear to enjoy this adventure. 

Only by kayak or boat, you can reach small deserted bay islands where you can lay down by yourself and pretend you are a castaway.

The kayaking starts through mangrove trails and into the beautiful calm blue waters of the North Biscayne Bay. From here you can see the skyscrapers of Miami on the horizon.

The full-day rental of the kayak is around 70$ and a double kayak costs $55 for 3-hours.

You don’t want less than that time since you will want to enjoy the different views and spend time in the sandbar and unique islands.

The Oleta Center also offers other rentals like bicycles, paddleboards and a variety of tours.

Kayaking in Miami in Oleta River Park | Travel Park

Kayaking in Oleta River Park Miami
Kayaking in Miami in Oleta River Park

Kayaking in Miami in Oleta River Park | Travel Park


4. Snorkel & dive

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is only one hour away from the city, just on the Florida Keys where you can snorkel or dive and enjoy this paradise spot.

The park has both mangrove and seagrass areas, a vital part of the Florida Keys ecosystem.

The wildlife over here is really diverse and the snorkel gives you an opportunity to spy everything without interfering, all you have to do is look down and enjoy.

Occasional encounters with larger animals such as manatees, sea turtles, dolphins or tarpon are possible.

Snorkle Coral Reef Park in Florida Keys | Travel Miami

5. Paddleboard

The clear waters of the bay make it ideal for paddleboarding. Standing on the board is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. 

You can paddleboard in several parts of Miami, including in Miami Beach.

I rented a paddleboard in Virginia Key where you can see manatee swimming under your board. You have to be super polite with them and there are important rules to follow regarding these beautiful animals.

During the paddle ride, you can also check a variety of wildlife and also paddle through different residential areas, it was great watching people’s cool houses and knowing I could never afford that.

paddleboarding in Miami keys | travel blog

Miami is a water paradise and the activities are endless. Mangroves, the keys, the Atlantic Ocean merging with the Caribbean Sea.

Ocean and water sports lovers will find an idyllic spot in Miami. There are a thousand other activities that I didn’t mention in this post. Renting a boat, windsurf, fishing or diving.

Miami is beautiful and entertaining, and I cannot wait to go back.

Have you done any of these water activities in Miami? What other do you recommend? I would love to know, leave a comment


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Fun water activities to enjoy Miami while traveling
Fun water activities to enjoy Miami while traveling

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