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Post updated on: February, 2021

You already make the decision: You want to volunteer! Great… but where do you begin? Do you want to start looking by place, by job, by time…? There are a lot of choices and google is giving you millions of links.

Take a deep breath because I’m giving you my 5 best webs to find volunteer opportunities.

During the years, I surfed a lot on the Internet to work and search for volunteers. Looking for the right opportunity is not easy and it is a big step in your life. Believe me, when I said, it would be also one of the best choices in your life.

Idealist is my favorite place by far.

It helps you find volunteer, jobs and internship opportunities, all based on nonprofit organizations.

There are two things that I really love about idealist:

  • All the organizations inside have to pass a process to verify its work. How many scams can you find on the Internet? Like a lot! Idealist verifies the organizations to make sure they are reliable and real. The sense of security you find looking for an opportunity here is priceless.
  • Its ability to filter your searches. Its left column would allow you to drill down to the specific type of volunteer you are looking for. Search by location, by type, by commitment, by duration… you will find exactly what you want!


This is mainly a Spanish website but they also have some opportunities abroad.

Sometimes you don’t have the time to make a one-year commitment but you still have the desire to give your time to a cause, that’s what I like about Hacesfalta.

It has a huge variety of choices by city and by time, maybe you have free Thursday afternoon or maybe you can work one hour at home helping some organization.

The chances are endless and they will fit you, no excuses!

Why I’m adding the nonprofit where I worked and volunteer? Because its volunteer program is one of the best ones that I know.

When I was looking for my first big volunteer experience, I crossed hundreds of websites, I didn’t know which one I could trust and I didn’t want to spend $2000 for a two weeks experience, (honestly, who can much spend that for being a volunteer? But that’s a topic for another post).

Over 20,400 children have grown up in the NPH programs, the nonprofit operates in nine Latin-American countries: Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Peru and Bolivia.

Its program offers a wide range of experiences, so why did I fall in love with the volunteer program and you will do it too?:

  • It gives you a chance of real work experience, volunteering as a therapist, journalist, social worker… this is the real world and you will be working as a professional.
  • You will only have to spend your flight ticket, you will live without almost any cost at the residential programs and you will even receive a stipend for your work. They know how worthy you are!
  • The country offices and the organization will support you in everyday problems. You are not alone with NPH. It is a relief when you are thinking of taking this step.
  • The best reason: You will live with the kids, and believe me, they are f*/¡%* awesome! You will want to stay forever.

Check its volunteer opportunities and requirements in nine different countries.

If you fall in love with the organization but don’t have the chance to commit to one of its countries, you can still help them. Search if it is a fundraising office in your area and contact them, volunteers are always needed!


Do you know about virtual volunteering? Is a chance to change the world just in your pajamas.

I know how busy you are in your daily life, and I also know that a lot of you can afford to give a whole year to a cause. But the most important thing that I know is how badly you want to help.

Volunteer Match connects future volunteers with tens of thousands of organizations, they have real job opportunities or what they called “qualify volunteers” and they also work directly with organizations and companies to improve their programs.

On their web, they have opportunities to volunteer virtually, with just a computer you can help from everywhere, even from your couch, no excuses!


Goabroad is more than a volunteer website, it’s all you need if you are thinking to go outside your country. From study opportunities to teaching jobs.

It is all about helping and growing as a person.

Choose a country, a field or the time that you want to volunteer and goabroad will show you all its various options.

Goabroad is also a cool place to check and get information, it has a bunch of articles about volunteering and living abroad. Really sweet!

Do you know more cool and reliable webs to find volunteer opportunities? Just comment below and let me know!


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    • Thanks Lilian for suggesting this website.
      I visited and I love that they have a dedicated section for covid opportunities and volunteer from home right now.
      They mainly work in the States but it is great to add it to a list of good websites.

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