Why Should You Keep A Travel Journal?

A journal is a great way to write about an unforgettable experience, but the benefits of keeping one it is also much more than that. At the end of the day, your travel journal is yours and the beauty of journaling is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

For me, keeping a travel journal is a way of preserving my memories since I’m horrible at remembering things, but it’s also a way to express myself while traveling and even slow down to reflect on the destination.

I’ve been journaling for years and I love to have my journals to go back or just flip through for a boost of good nostalgia.

There are endless ways of what to keep and how to use a travel journal and all of them are correct. I know it can seem overwhelming at the beginning, but don’t let that stop you, it can be as simple as a notebook and a pencil.

If you’re not sure where to start and why you should keep a travel journal, even if you are not traveling, let me spark 9 reasons why you should start a travel journal right now.

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1. Journaling can be super simple

A travel journal can be as uncomplicated as a notebook and a pen, or as intricate as you want. That’s the beauty of it.

One of the best things about journaling is that it involves few supplies to start one; you can even use your phone to begin with.

2. Plan your trip

You don’t know where to start with your travel journal? Start with the planning phase.

Use some pages to make a packing list, so you don’t forget to pack anything. Draft a destination bucket list that you can cross during the trip. Make a list of common sentences of the language of your destination.

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3. Never again forget about your trip

One of the main reasons people keep a diary, a journal, or a digital list is to remember things. Duh!

I cannot tell you how many times one of my friends told me a funny story from school and I didn’t have any recollection of that happening. Maybe it’s a me problem, but if I put pen to paper, I’m most likely going to remember that for the years to come.

My journal and my pictures are the reason why I remember half of my travels.

Use it to summarize a day, express a specific feeling or write down your itinerary. A travel notebook can also be a combination of personal, junk, goal setting and travel journaling.

If you are on the move quite often, you only have space for one notebook, so it’s perfectly ok that your journal is a combination of a lot of purposes.

The best thing is when a journal is finished or a year ends, it’s fun to flip through and review all the things to go through and experience.

Ideas to include in your travel journal - tickets| Travel blog

4. Keep your tickets organize

On the first day of every trip, you will end up with 200 tickets cluttering your bag, sounds familiar?

Your plane or train ticket, the coffee receipt you bought, the transport pass to get to your accommodation, the random envelop from the snack you ate, the note you took you to remember an address… the list can go on and on.

You don’t need to keep them all, but some of them are fun to stick in your journal as part of your trip.

5. Collect all the knick-knacks

Similar to the last point, I literary use my travel journal as my souvenir box. If it can fit in my journal, it goes inside. I’m talking about receipts, napkins, tea bags, tags…

It can seem useless at the moment to keep a receipt of a supermarket, but years from now, it would be cool to check what you bought, the cost and even the time and remember that small detail of the travel that other way you will forget immediately.

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6. Give vent to your feelings by journaling

I can’t count how many times I use my travel journal to rant about a shitty situation or to complain about someone I barely meet.

As a solo traveler most of the time, it’s nice to have a partner where I can storm about my day, the taxi that scammed me or the hostel partner that snored at night.

Whatever the situation, it is nice to spit it out in your journal and let some of the anger there; it’s cheaper than a therapist is and is not going to tell anyone.

You can even write your deepest thoughts, tear that page out and threw it out in the garbage, or burn it (carefully), let that shit go and keep traveling!

7. Bring your journal everywhere

Through the years, I overcome some of my shyness of sitting alone to eat. Bringing my journal with me to cafes it’s a great way to keep me busy and also to take the time to write.

Use that coffee break to recap about the past days, to remember a dream from the night before, how delicious it is what you are eating or just to describe the place where you are.

Coffee and cake while travel journaling
Solo female traveler in Miami

8. Slow down during your trip

A travel journal gives you the chance to slow down and be present.

Without my journal, I wouldn’t think to sit down on a bench and describe the scene, or to spend an hour in a city park lying on the grass and writing, or stop to hear the noises and smells of a market to describe it later on.

Describe it in your journal while is fresh and treasure it forever

9. Tune with your creativity

A journal gives you the chance to be creative. As I said before, a travel journal doesn’t need to be a masterpiece if you don’t want to. It can be just your writing, but it can also be full of sketches and no words, it can be watercolor pictures or collages with stuff you collect.

Whatever you choose make sure it fits with your travel style. You have all the freedom in the world to make your journal your own and get in touch with your creativity.

Travel Journal supplies for journaling

A travel journal is a worthwhile thing to have, as the farther away you get from a trip the more the memories fade. Come back years from now and relive how a place made you feel.

Write or doodle whatever you want, be free with it and cherish your travel memories forever.

Give it a try and see where it’ll get you!


Do you keep a travel journal? What are the benefits of journaling for you? Do you want more tips for journaling? Let me know in the comments


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